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About Us

Excelsior Industrial millwright/structural steel, part of the Excelsior Inc, is a corporation that has built a strong reputation in the construction fabrication industry.  Combining construction and general contracting services with in-house fabrication expertise allows Excelsior Industrial millwright/structural steel to offer full-service offerings to its clients at competitive prices.

Excelsior’s goal is to be recognized, as a valuable partner in our customers’ supply chain.  We strive to provide the highest quality fabricated metal components and skilled construction services available. We deploy cutting edge technology combined with a dedicated focus on a quality and customer service.  All members of the Excelsior family take great pride in our work, which is demonstrated by the trust we have built from our long-standing customer relationships.

Based in Fresno, California, Excelsior Industrial millwright/structural steel has over 20 years of combined expertise, which allows us to provide cost effective, efficient solutions to fulfill your short and long-term business challenges. From initial design to final product, we can provide the insight, support and expertise to meet your goals and help keep your business operating efficiently for years to come.